Wild Diversity acknowledges all those who came before us, original stewards of this land, the Chinookan people, both past and present. What we experience today is a product of ancestors ability to be in relationship with the natural world. We are so privileged to hold space in these areas that would not be here without your guardianship and connection to the earth, roots to buds. 

We also acknowledge Black and African labor on which this country built its prosperity, we honor you. We know that we are sitting on the shoulders of giants and that we cannot do this work alone. We have always been successful through community centered mindset and united we will continue in our resilience and cultural strength.


Our Vision

Wild Diversity builds that community through outdoor adventure, day and weekend trips, workshops, tours, and more. We also believe that seeking adventure can look like many things. It is not always ‘conquering’ a summit; it can be as simple as a wild flower walk. We want to support both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. We want to allow our community to access and get to know their love for different activities in the wild and at home. Our Gear Library will help aid us in that endeavor. 

We want to support you in all the ways you like to get outdoors.

What We Do

We have no limits when providing a variety of activities for our community. Wild Diversity is an organizations that is part outdoor adventure, part outdoor education, part backcountry survival, part self care workshops, and a whole lot of community building. 

Check out our past events to see what we have been up to.


Community is what makes an organization strong. We need you to keep paddling forward. Donate your time and your love of the outdoors. 

We believe that it take community to make community. And we are eager to recruit BIPOC and LGBTQ folks to be able to come from a place of a shared experience.


Our Volunteer Staff

Mercy - She/Her


Mercy M'fon Shammah

Founder & Program Director

Her drive to form Wild Diversity came from the desire to support a robust community of POC & Queer outdoorists and be an architect of much needed change for diversity in the outdoor industry. She wanted a welcoming as safe place for her underrepresented communities to thrive.

Mercy has over 15 years in community leadership as an educator and facilitator directly serving community. She has also traveled to over a dozen countries training and leading workshops as a roller derby coach to empowering women to realize their potential. She brings that passion to the Wild Diversity community and is proud to be a part of community growth.

Adrian - They/Them


Adrian Martinez

Partners Coordinator & Trip Leader

Adrian founded Raices in 2018, a leadership development program that creates radical advancement by unpacking politics in the LGBTQ and Latinx community around anti-Black sentiment as a tool for collective liberation.  Adrian has been working to enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices professionally for over 10 years. 

Adrian brings their successful track-record in the nonprofit  industry and their love for outdoor adventure to the Wild Diversity Crew.

Anna - She/Her


Anna Stifter

Conservation Coordinator & 

Site Developer

She holds a Bachelors of Science in Ecology with over 9 years of professional riparian restoration experience within the Public Sector via City and State Agencies. Anna has a long history in conservation including being a cornerstone member of  Columbia Land Trust's Emerging Leader Council and with Johnson Creek Watershed Council as a Salmon/Lamprey Spotter.

Anna continuously challenges her biased lens through participation in multiple Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training courses. Anna brings her passion of conservation making it very approachable for undeserved communities.

Tracie - She/Her


Tracie Umbreit

Trip & Workshop Leader

Tracie  grew up camping with her family in the Midwest and while that  experience definitely instilled in her a love of the outdoors, it also  raised her awareness of the challenges of being "other" in these spaces.  She enjoys cycling, hiking and camping. She's also looking forward to  enjoying new challenges and adventures with Wild Diversity including  backpacking, climbing and kayaking in particular. 

Tracie passionate about creating welcoming  and accessible spaces for queer POC. Her favorite way to enjoy the wild is with friends and folks who are  interested in exploring more off the beaten path places.

Shayn - They/Them


Intern Extraordinaire

Bio Coming Soon 

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