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The work that we are doing takes time, energy, blood, sweat and money. 

Do you believe in the space we are creating? 

Do you believe in the education and training that we provide for our community? 

And are you able to show your support monetarily? 

If so, please donate today!

Your donation helps fund equipment, adventures, education, trainers and that staff that does all of this beautiful work. Your donation reaffirms that fact that we are community lead to serve the community.   

Show us the Money...Monthly


The Drop

Consider reoccurring monthly payments. I single drop can make a wave. Even if you don't have a million dollars to give, a reoccurring payment of five dollars a month will be able to support a meal in the back-country during one of our adventures. Visualize a new backpacker from our community sitting next to the fire on a cool night, sipping and slurping a bowl of warm super fancy ramen (recipe to come) while sharing stories with the community that they have never shared before. If ten other amazing individuals did the same, we could support meals for the everyone. A drop makes waves and a drop after drop fills buckets and oceans.


What does my dough do?

So so much!

We have overhead costs just like any business. But unlike the businesses that you are use to, we do way more adventures! Backpack and hikes as you guessed. And did you know that we get our community out on the water too! We have canoes and kayaks and a lot of love to share with our community. 

Our first canoe/kayak was wonderful! We were out on the lake enjoying the view from our hammocks, listening to one of our trip leaders play the guitar. We sang, we laughed and we made life long connections. The second night it got really windy and rainy. The serene lake felt like a stormy ocean. Waves rolled on the banks threatening to take our canoes out to sea...or just the middle of the lake. Unlike our sleep systems our spirits didn't get dampened. We ate warm parley miso stew...or was this the cactus chili night-- Anyways we still enjoyed ourselves. We made a roaring fire and got silly with our predicament. The wind settled and we continued another night soundly in our hammocks.   

With your one-time or reoccurring donations we will be able to fund beautiful experiences like these.  Recurring Payments of: 

  • $5 helps buy an adventure meal 
  • $20 helps make sure we have permits to go on our adventures 
  • $50 helps us with fuel to get out to our adventures.   
  • $100 helps purchase a camp stove, backpack or cozy sleeping bag 
  • $200 purchases a tent or partial scholarship 
  • $500 helps with a full scholarship and a bag of chip (...ya know what mean) 

Now is a good time!

Are you ready to get on board, be a part of the solution and support diversity in the outdoors!