Leadership Development Training


Leadership training is one of the most important components of Wild Diversity's mission. We want our community to have a sense of place in the outdoors where they can grow, share their experiences and thrive. We believe that representation matter when it comes to true diversity in the outdoors. Training leaders of diverse backgrounds is paramount for long-term diversity in the outdoors.   

Our adventure leaders play a big role in Wild Diversity's engagement with our community. Their expertise guides participant through wild spaces and creates a container for them discover their own connection with the outdoors.    

We welcome future adventure leaders who are new to the outdoors as well as those with experience leading trips. We want people who love engaging with the community; those who are excited about sharing knowledge; and those who can foster welcoming space for our community.    

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We are providing two trainings this year.

Land Adventure Leader training is a 9 hour in classroom and a weekend overnight immersion training that will help build skills to lead trips for Wild Diversity and the broader community. This is for folks who want to lead backpacks, hikes and camping trips. Leaders will also have access to discounted Wilderness First Aid certificate training.       

Water Adventure Leader training is an 18 hour in classroom training with up to 2 scouting trips to build skills for successful water adventures. This is for folks who want to lead single and multi day canoe and kayak adventures. Leaders have the option to be assessed for ACA Level 2 certification.       

Adventure Leaders participating training will commit to lead 2 adventure in 2020. Transportation passes available for LDT and meals are provided.   

Training Goals

A prospective leader completing Wild Diversity’s Leadership Development Training will demonstrate the ability to:  

  • Assess and manage the risks involved in leading others in a backcountry setting.  
  • Provide experiential education to support participants’ proficiency in a variety of outdoor skills.  
  • Design and implement an outdoor adventures that allows other participants to develop a sense of discovery.  
  • Understand our communities connection to the outdoors and how it relates to the our sense of place, health and sustainability.   

Dates & Deadlines

Feb 7th Info Night - 6:30-7:30PM at Leaven Community 

Feb 7th Online Applications Open 

Mar 6th Application Deadline 

Apr 6th Water Adventure Leader Training begins

  • Classroom dates: April 6, 7, 10, 13, 14 & 17th. 6PM-9PM 
  • Scouting Paddles: 
    • Saturday, April 18th, 8AM-3PM
    • Monday, April 20th, 6PM-9PM

Apr 16th Land Adventure Leader Training Begins

  • Classroom dates: April 16, 21 & 23rd
  • Overnight Trip: April 25th & 26th, 6PM-9PM  

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