Risk Management for the Future

For BIPOC/LGBTQ Outdoor Leaders

We invite outdoor community leaders who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer and/or Trans to join us as we explore ways to improve our safety in the outdoors. Risk Management for the Future will be a two-part community led and attended workshop to explore risk and safety in the outdoors.  It is the recognition of the unique risks we face as populations who endure prejudice from people who want to harm us. 

BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people are increasingly present and visible in organized outdoor trips and events, and will be the future of the outdoor industry. At this time, our specific risks in the outdoors are a blind spot for most risk management outlines. It is imperative that we move this conversation out of the boardroom, and put it under the care of a grassroots movement. We want to mitigate risks that are directed towards us because of racism or queer & trans hatred. We want to create a plan of action to lean on in volatile situation when we are miles away from safety, allies, or support systems. And we want to recognize the tremendous amount of emotional risk that it takes for many in our community to enjoy the outdoors. 

At the end of this workshop we hope to have: 

  • a risk management plan that is unique to our population
  • to have an outline for deescalation
  • emergency protocols as response to an incident.

Workshop Dates:

September 24th 6pm-8pm

October 22nd 6pm-8pm

To attend this workshop email your Name, Organization, Position and your identifiers to admin@wilddiversity.com. Someone will reach out to you by Monday the 23rd.


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