Gear Library & Community Partners



Wild Diversity's Gear Library works with community partners to provide equitable access to outdoor adventures and education for youth of color, queer & trans youth, low-income youth and other community partners who serve disadvantaged communities.   

Applications to become a Community Partner will be available by February 2020.

Adventure Outfitters

We lead trips for our community partners providing everything they need from start to finish. We help them explore the wild through single and multi-day adventures on land and water. Our trained trip leaders use their expertise to provide unique and relaxing adventures where participants can learn and gain confidence in the outdoors at their own pace.   

Community Loans

Our Gear Library loans are for community partners who already have a strong sense of the outdoor etiquette, safety practices and how to responsibly use our gear. After taking our orientation they are allow to borrow gear for community camping trips. 

Adult Adventures

Our Gear Library supports participants on all Wild Diversity trips. Participants can join any of our adventures knowing that they don't have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and gear to join. This allows individuals the opportunity to fall in love with an adventure before acquiring gear of their own.

Gear Donations

Our Gear Library was started by generous donations from our community. We still accept gear donations that are in great condition and are relevant to the adventures we support. Need for gear is ongoing. Our Wish List to buy for or donate to our Gear Library will be available in late January.

Our Gear Library Partners & Sponsors