Gear Library

Wild Diversity is removing barriers to the Outdoors


We are expanding the welcoming community in the outdoors while decreasing barriers to outdoor adventures. We are fully supporting you and outfitting you to get outdoors in the ways you'll enjoy most. The Gear Library provides gear for camping, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking and more. Our library allows the opportunity for individuals to experience an adventure to see how much they’ll love it before acquiring gear.

The Gear Library helps support participants of all Wild Diversity trips. You can join any of our trips knowing that if you can’t spend thousands of dollars on equipment and gear it is still possible for you to join us. 

Our gear library is currently being beta tested as a lending library for our community. This will support BIPOC and LGBTQ folks who want to adventure outside of Wild Diversity trips. In addition to adults, the library will also support many youth through our youth partnership with other wonderful non-profits. We hope to have it available for our community by Spring of 2019.

Donations Through Out the Year


Need for gear is ongoing. Contact us to schedule a time to drop off gear. Drop off location is in NE Portland. We take new and used gear in good condition. Check out our wish list to see what items you could support us with.